Kriya Yoga
"Keep up Kriya yoga ceaselessly;reach the divine portals quickly."

      The individual being are under the cover of the veil of ignorance formed by the delusion of sound and matter, the delusion of time and space and the delusion of senses. These are the causes for which an individual being is unable to realize the all-pervading existence of the supreme Absolute and his identity with that absolute self. However, though the process of Kriya-Yoga Sadhana and individual soul can unveil the veil of ignorance and become everblissful. The persons who can not bring themselves to believe in the divinity of any man, will behold at last full divinity of their own selves.

      Kriya yoga is a simple, psycho physiological method by which human blood is decarbonizes and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. By stopping the accumulation of poisonous blood, the Yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decary of tissues. The advanced yogi transmutes his cells into energy. Jesus, kabira, Babaji Nagraj , Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteswar Giri, Yogananda, Swami Hariharananda Giri and other prophets were past masters in the kriya or of a similar technique, by which they caused their bodies to materialize and dematerialize at will. Furthermore, kriya yoga is a revival of the same science that Lord Krishna gave millenniums ago to Arjuna; and that was later known to Patanjali and Christ , and to St. john paul , and other disciples.

       Kriya yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. This is india's unique and deathless contribution to the world's treasury of knowledge. The life force, which is ordinarily absorbed in maintaining the heart action, must be free for higher activities by a method of calming and stilling the ceaseless demands of the brath. The kriya yoga techers to direct one's life- energy to revolve upward and downward, around the six spinal centres medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumber, sacral and coccygeal plexuse which correspond to the twelve astral sign of the zodiac, the symblolic, cosmicman. One half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half minute of kriya yoga equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment. Within a few years of kriya yoga practice, the supreme divination dawns upon him.

      The universe with all its diversity and multiplicity remains equated in the divine volition as conception before manifestation. It is manifested in the course of basic wcolution, stated under the influence of the creative volition of the supreme absolute. Moreover, the radio-activity of creative volition emits the invisible rays and waves of sound, matte, space and time that penetrate the basic evolution to give incentive to start. Consequent upon the basic evolution the universe with all its diversity has been manifest. Matter modifications and combinations is the constituent of the objective world. Matter, in itself, is inert. Vibrations create forms in matter, conditioning itself different medifications and combinations by time and space. Vibrations create sound variations in sound in the similar way. Sound variations are differtiated in alplabets and alphabets are coined in words and names. Names have been ascribed to forms. This assumed relation between names and forms has identified names and forms as one and the same thing . the identification is so complete that the mention of a name atonce gives the comprehension of the relative form and the presence of a form atonce gives us the comprehension of the objective world are stored in our mind in the shape of names and forms and forms and their assumed identity becomes a reality in our mental world. These names and forms exits in our mind even in the absence of the names and forms coming in contact with which these conceptions were gathered in our mind by our senses. This is nothing but a battalion of confusion created by the delusion of time ,space , matter, sound and sense. The hypnotic influence of this confusion gradually increases by countless births and experiencing forms. The liberation from this confusion is not possible unless we are able to transcend the limitation of the sense, time ,space, matter and sound by stopping the vibratrion. The vibration that causes this confusion is manifest in a human body in his respiratory system. The mind is constantly distracted by the films projected on it as a result of this confusion and outgoing processes of the respiratory system. It is not possible to stop this distraction of mind with out stopping the projection of these films on the mind. These projections are effected through five distinct waves which are called Vrttis. These are Pramana, Vikalpa, viparyaya, Nidra and smrti, Pramana is knowledge acquired on the authority of senses, correct inferences and srutis. In the empirical world this knowledge is accepted as true knowledge. But to a truth-seeker this knowledge is nothing but imperfect comprehension due to limitations of the sense. Viparyaya means miscomprehension. Vikalpa means hallucination. Nidra means oblivion of sleep. Smrti means an arisen impression embedded in Citta. If these five waves of mnd can be stopped, the projection of films also automatically stops. The process of Sadhana introduced for stopping the projection of films on the mind for cessation of these five waves is called Kriya yoga.

       Thus, kriya yoga is indeed the true Yogic fire ceremony, in which all past and present desired are fuel consumed by love divine. The ultimate flame receive the sacrifice of all human madness, and man is pure of dross. His metaphorical bones stripped of all flesh like desires his karmika skelton blached by the anticeptic sum of wisdom, inoffensive before man and maker, he is clean at last hence, it may be concluded that kriya yoga is a practical technique of liberation, the practice of which makes a man ever blissful and immortal.

       The Majority of men in this world are nothing but so many machines made of flesh, blood and bones, whose function is to waste the products of the earth by using them . those who under the spell of delusion repeatedly fall into quagmire of theis world , which abounds in miseries in the forms of birth, death and old ege, and never give serious thought to the these problems should be regarded as no better than brutes. Yogavasistha

      Anger and lust are very terrible, these is no mercy in them, know them to be like death itself. Are the snakes in the ocean of knowledge, the barrier to the glen of worldly happiness and destroyer of Bhajana (worship through God's name). Though not in water, and without the help of water, they can drown a person, can burn him without fire and kill him without and weapon. Jnaneshwar

      Always guard yourself against jealousy, greed, anger and the use of unpleasant or bitter language. This is the means for attaining. Tiruvalluvar

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